We do not solicit any of the websites, social media influencers, bloggers or links that point to our website. We do not pay anyone, we don’t run any advertising, and we have not participated in any types of interviews. We do not communicate with these individuals or groups We have no control over what information they may disseminate. Keavy’s Corner LLC is not responsible for any content on any website or media platform that may link to kvlab.com, or provide our website address.

Our products do not have EPA registration, so we cannot make any claims that they kill germs, viruses, fungi, or bacteria. Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine Dioxide are not FDA approved for use as a supplement. It cannot be offered as a supplement, and cannot be sold to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If one were to do so, they would be in violation of federal law.

We sell our products as an oxidizer, deodorizer, and various other uses. Our instructions for retail customers are here: Chlorine Dioxide for Household Uses

We have also manufactured products for other businesses and industries including kennels, equine health, HVAC, horticulture, auto, marine, and laboratories.


Chlorine Dioxide is often used by FEMA and other agencies to to decontaminate surfaces and atmosphere for many pathogens including ebola, legionnaires, anthrax, coronaviruses, rotoviruses, molds…. The list is long. Chlorine Dioxide Biocidal Spectrum

It is FDA and EPA approved for use as a disinfectant/sanitizer for hospitals. It is used in many city water treatment plants instead of chlorine. It is used in chill water for shrimp and chicken, cleaning and removing biofilms. It does not create toxic by-products like Chlorine. It is more selective, more efficient, and works across a broader pH spectrum.

Keavys Corner LLC  has performed many tests on its products and formulas to assure efficacy. EPA and FDA approval have not been obtained for disinfection or medical claims

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