smnatrichlor%20logo_2.jpg Chlorine Dioxide Products 

Chlorine dioxide products for consumer & commercial use.

Kits for the onsite generation of chlorine dioxide
Aqueous Chlorine Dioxide .3%
Acidified Sodium Chlorite
Chlorine Dioxide Gel

Colloidal Silver 

We manufacture high quality colloidal silver. We use only.9999 Silver
Our HVAC Process produces both ions as well as particles of the smallest size suspended in a zeta state, Made with heat distilled water. No Ozone

EIS Colloidal Silver 20 ppm
EIS Silver Gel



DMSO-3D-balls.pngDimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)
99.99% Pure Pharmasolvent Grade

99.99% DMSO 
99.99% DMSO Gel


Quantities available for commercial and industrial use.  
We can formulate to specifications. Applications include:
Equine care, deodorizing rooms and vehicles, horticulture, crime scenes, and more... 

Manufacturers of:

CLEARIKON CLEARSPRAYclearspray_7oz_20200508_152156_edit_rev01_1.jpgLIL SHOOTER'S FARRIER PRODUCTSlilshooter.jpg