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Chlorine Dioxide is a molecule comprised of one chlorine atom and 2 oxygen atoms.

Chlorine Dioxide exists as a greenish brown gas at room temperature

Chlorine Dioxide is a highly efficient oxidizer

Uses for Chlorine Dioxide include
Food Service  
Water Treatment
Odor Control
Paper Processing



We have been making Chlorine Dioxide products for a variety of consumer applications since 2010.  Our products include  MMS CD Kits for the onsite generation of Chlorine Dioxide, CDS Aqueous Chlorine Dioxide .3%, CDH Acidified Sodium Chlorite. We also manufacture 25% and 5% Sodium Chlorite solutions for agricultural, industrial, and commercial uses. We have worked with professionals in veterinary, equine, and agriculture to develop products to suit their specific needs, and are in the process of developing new products and applications for consumers to harness the power of Chlorine Dioxide.  When you buy MMS or any Chlorine Dioxide products from KVlab, you can rest assured your product is made the right way, by people who don't just follow a recipe. We understand the products, how they work, and how they need to be stored, handled, and packaged to provide the highest quality products.  

 Made from 
EPA registered Sodium Chlorite made in the USA •FCC/USP  Organic Citric Acid not derived from corn •  FCC/USP HCl   


Everyday our bodies are exposed to a variety of toxic materials.
We carry a complete line of natural herbal and mineral products with a focus on parasites and detoxification. All of our herbs are certified organic, or responsible wildcrafted. No GMO's, No Fillers, Never Sprayed. Our products contain naturally occurring ancient earth minerals such as Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Bentonite, Montmorillonite, and Sea Salts.







MMS CD Kits 

Our MMS CD Kits are an easy way to generate chlorine dioxide on demand for a variety of applications. The process through which Chlorine Dioxide is generated and used is approved for many applications that can also be applied to common household uses. Our MMS CD KIts are easy to use, just mix 3 drops of Part A and B to produce 25 to 30 ppm of Chlorine dioxidewhen added to 4 oz of water. Our MMS CD Kits an earth friendly product that can replace many household cleaning items under your sink. We have directions for a many household applications available. Our kits come with your choice of Citric Acid or HCL Activators.

 Buy MMS Kits w/ Citric Acid

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For the on-site generation of Chlorine Dioxide  End use is the responsibility of the consumer.

The FDA issued a warning about using this product in a manner inconsistent  with approved uses. 
Click Here for a copy of 2010 FDA Warning • Click Here for 2019 FDA Warning 

DMSO  Dimethyl Sulfoxide

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) was first discovered in late 19th century GermanyIt is a by product of the paper manufacturing industry. DMSO is naturally occuring in fruits, oceans, and even in the air.

DMSO is colorless, transparent, and hygroscopic. It is fluid over 65 degrees (F) DMSO has the ability to easily pass through the skin and membranes. Our DMSO products are all made with 99.999% Pharmasolvent DMSO. High Purity and Low Odor