Steve 1H

Hello Everyone., 

I apologize for being out of touch for as long as I have, The business, my family and myself have gone through some major changes in the last few weeks, 

On October 7th I came down with Covid. I was in bed for a week with a bad flu,  and was getting better.  

On October 21st I was life-flighted about 100 miles to Tampa for immediate surgery. A blood clot had formed in my aorta and had killed all blood flow to my legs. I had an "Axillary Bi-femoral Bypass with Facsiomeity" performed that involves about 4 arterial grafts and 4 feet feet of tubing from my shoulder to my groin. The surgeon also made (4) 12 inch cuts down the sides of both calves to relieve pressure from swelling. I was hospitalized for 9 days and was sent home.  My legs are very weak, and I have extensive nerve damage. I am doing my own physical therapy, and push myself pretty hard. I was having good days and bad days, then it just seemed I wasn't getting any better. 

The smallest activity would tire me out,