Steve 1H

Hi Everyone,

On October 7th I came down with Covid. I was in bed for a week with a bad flu,  and was getting better.  

I made the first trip to the hospital in my life (aside from emergency room visits)

 On October 21st I was life-flighted about 100 miles to Tampa for immediate surgery. A blood clot had formed in my aorta and had killed all blood flow to my legs. I had an "Axillary Bi-femoral Bypass with Facsiomeity" performed that involves 4 arterial grafts and 4 feet feet of tubing from my shoulder to my both sides of my groin. The surgeon also made (4) 12 inch cuts down the sides of both calves to relieve pressure from swelling. I was hospitalized for 9 days, 6 in intensive care, 3 in a regular room, and was sent home.

I was tired all the time, had no stamina, and couldn't see in the sunlight. The smallest activity would tire me out.... I have never had serious issues before, so I thought it was probably from the medication I have to take now, and the stress on my body from the surgery.

On Nov 23th, my heart started racing at 200 beats per minute. I went to the hospital for the 2nd time in my life. I had internal bleeding and my hemoglobin count was down to 3.5. The hospital staff was amazed I could even walk in. I took 4 bags (8 units) of blood. The next day I had an upper GI endoscopy performed and they cauterized 6 different bleeds in my esophagus and stomach.  I felt immediately better, and they let me go the next day for Thanksgiving with my family.  (I believe they were afraid I would just leave).

I am doing much better now,   My legs are very weak, and I have extensive nerve damage. 50% of my body from the waist down is numb, with periods of a burning sensation accompanied by sharp shooting pains that seem to randomly occur. I'm not sure how much of the nerve damage will repair itself. 

While I was in the hospital, I made a decision that I will not be an invalid,