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Looking for an MMS Supplier you can count on?

Keavy's Corner has been a premiere supplier of MMS since 2010

As the popularity and interest in MMS has grown, so have the stores supplying it. How can you tell who cares about quality and who is in it to make a quick buck?

Keavy's Corner has been a trusted and reliable supplier of MMS and other Chlorine DIoxide products online since 2010. We understand the product, and we know how to make it the right way.

Not all MMS Suppliers are the same. 

Some MMS Suppliers use industrial sodium chlorite, usually made in China, which often contains heavy metals, high amounts of sodium chlorate, and other undesirable impurities. It's available on online auction sites, and it's inexpensive. Many use store bought distilled water, or purified water. All of these things can and will adversely affect the outcome. The reason they use it is cost, ease of acquisition, and lack of knowledge on different factors pertaining to the generation of chlorine dioxide.

We understand our products. We aren't in this for a hobby, we are not just an MMS supplier. We carry a line of of natural and earth friendly products with a focus on parasites and detoxification.We also offer instruction on using MMS to detoxify the environment in your home.

All of our MMS products are made using:

EPA registered Sodium Chlorite    Made in the USA, No Heavy Metals
USP/FCC Hydrochloric Acid            (HCl) 
USP/FCC Organic Citric Acid           No GMO's Not derived from corn.
Heat distilled water                         No ozone.

Visit our store and see why we have been the MMS Supplier of choice for consumers and professionals alike over the years.

For the onsite generation of Chlorine Dioxide. Keavy's  Corner LLC's products are not registered by the EPA. Products are sold  for approved uses only.  End use is the sole responsibility of the  consumer. 

In 2010 the FDA issued a warning against using this product in a manner inconsistent with labeling and instructions. That warning is no longer available on the FDA website.   Click Here for a copy of 2010 FDA Warning
In 2019 the FDA issued an updated warning against using this product in a manner inconsistent with labeling and instructions. Click Here for 2019 FDA Warning


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