Mineral Parasite Detox

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Mineral Parasite Detox 

Works Mechanically
No Strong Herbs or Toxic compounds
100% Natural • Safe • Effective
Cleans and Scours the bowels
Helps remove toxins


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Mineral Parasite Detox 

A blend of minerals that help to remove parasites, and clean and detoxify the bowels.

 Studies suggest that parasites in the digestive tract affect a large portion  of  the population. This can cause a variety of issues including mental and physical fatigue, a compromised immune system, decreased liver function, and dozens of other complications.

 We have developed our mineral parasite detox to work without strong toxins and herbs..    Works mechanically. Cleans and detoxifies the bowels and colon.

100% Natural, Made with Diatomaceous Earth, Green Montmorillonite, and Activated Charcoal.

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