Mineral Detox Bath

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Mineral Detox Bath

100% Natural
Soothing and Relaxing
Ultra Pure Detoxifying Clay
Pristine Ancient Sea Salt 

Organic Botanicals

Over 70 Trace Minerals


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Mineral Detox Bath
(Sodium Bentonite, Magnetic Clay)

 Our 100% Natural Detox Bath Contains Mineral Rich Ancient Sea Salts, High Grade Bentonite (Living Clay),Organic Kelp, Organic Dandelion Root, and Organic Bladderwrack..

Together, these 100% natural ingredients produce soothing mineral rich bath that produces a powerful detoxification of heavy metals and other impurities in the body.  2.5 lbs in enough for 4 or 5 baths

INGREDIENTS: Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt. Bentonite Clay, Organic Kelp, Organic Dandelion Root

100% Natural Over 70 Trace Minerals Spa Quality Ingredients Relaxing Stimulates Circulation


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