December News

Dec 16, 2019

Hello Everyone.

First of all, I hope everyone is having a good holiday season. We will only have 2 grand kids here this year, so it will be a quiet one for us .... relatively speaking. 

We actually have some news this go round, so I'll get to it.

Card decline issue fixed.

Some folks have been having issues with card declines. If this affected you, I apologize for the inconvenience. We have connected to our processor in a different way, and it seems to have fixed the problem.  You will no longer have to leave our site to make the payment.or enter duplicate info. There is also an option to save your card info to use on your next order, if you so desire. We still use First Data processor, and the entire system is secure, and complies with all the latest PCI DSS requirements.


We also accept Check by Mail, Western union, Bank Transfers and Phone orders

Plastic Bottles out of stock until after the New Year
  Plastic Bottles with accu-drop tips have been on back-order from the manufacturer for over a month. Our distributor is supposed to have them is stock on Dec 26th, but past experience has shown me this can't really be counted on. This affects MMS kits only. We will still have CDS, CDH and DMSO available. The accu-drop tips require a special bottle.
  While the bottles are out of stock, we will be offering our MMS kits in Glass bottles for the same price as the plastic. 


Sodium Chlorite Flakes LIMITED TIME OFFER

We are offering Sodium Chlorite Flakes for a limited time. 

These are the same flakes we use to make all of our chlorine dioxide products. Repackaged from EPA registered sodium chlorite made in the USA. No Heavy Metals. 1 pound will make (10) 4 oz bottles of MMS.

Pricing starts at 50.00 for 1 pound. Bulk discounts available. While supplies last.




EIS Colloidal Silver

20% OFF


Lugol's 5%



Bentonite Bath Clay

20% OFF.