10% Organic Citric Acid

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Citric Acid 10%

HDPE Bottles

Non GMO - Not derived from corn
Food Grade - Organic


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Citric Acid 10%

HDPE Bottles

KVlab's citric acid solutions are made from USP/FCC Food Grade Citric Acid (anhydrous)

Derived from Cassava Root, (Not Corn) No GMOS, and certified Organic.


Keavy's Corner LLC's products are not registered by the EPA. Products are sold for approved uses only. 
End use is the sole responsibility of  the consumer.



Citric Acid Solution
10% Citric Acid  (C6H8O7) Anhydrous
90% Distilled Water (H2O)

MSDS Part B 10% Citric Acid

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