Buy MMS and Chlorine Dioxide, CDS, CDH

Chlorine Dioxide Products

For Deodorizing and Cleaning.
MMS CD Kits w/ HCl activator
MMS CD Kits w/ Citric Acid activator
CDS (Aqueous Chlorine Dioxide) No activation required
CDH (Acidified Sodium Chlorite) No activation required
Chlorine Dioxide Gel

Calcium Hypochlorite*
*Chlorine, Hypochlorus Acid, Bleaching Powder  

 22.4%  Part A - CD Kit
5% Sodium Chlorite
7% Sodium Chlorite
  25% Sodium Chlorite
4% HCL Part B - CD Kit
50% Citric Acid Part B - CD Kit
6.25% HCL
10% HCL 
10% Citric Acid 

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