Bentonite Bath Clay

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Bentonite Bath Clay

Deep Mined and Sun Dried.
Ultra Fine 325 Mesh • Air Classified
Ultra Pure Primary Clay
Over 90% Montmorillonite

Traditional Uses Include:

  • Detox Baths and Foot Baths
  • Clarifying
  • Spa Wraps  


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Bentonite Bath Clay
(Sodium Bentonite, Magnetic Clay)

Sodium Bentonite is a type of smectite clay.  Our Sodium Bentonite is a Primary clay, deep mined in Wyoming USA. Formed by deposits of weathered volcanic ash. 
It has remained covered and untouched for hundreds of millions of years. 

When hydrated, bentonite becomes negatively charged. Most toxins tend to be positively charged. This electrical charge works as a "magnet", attracting the toxins to the clay itself.

Smectite clays like Bentonite work in a twofold method. First, the toxins are adsorbed, The hydrated clay attracts them to it's extensive surface area where they become stuck, then it absorbs the toxins, like a sponge.

Hydrated bentonite has an enormous surface area. 1 heaping teaspoon of our finely ground 325 mesh bentonite has more surface area than a football field.

All of Keavy's Clays are primary clays, deep mined, and sun-dried, with only minimal processing.

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