Keavy's Corner: The Clear Choice

Keavy's Corner is a premiere supplier of Chlorine Dioxide products for consumer use.
We feature MMS kits with a choice of either citric acid or HCl activators for the onsite generation of Chlorine Dioxide.
We also manufacture Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) at the approved 3000 ppm (.3%) as well as acidified sodium chlorite (CDH). These products are ready for use and require no activation. We have recently added Chlorine Dioxide topical gel.

We have been a supplier of MMS since 2010. All of our MMS products are made using high quality EPA registered sodium chlorite made in the USA.
We offer our MMS kits in both HDPE food grade plastic bottles, or Amber Glass bottles for long term storage. See for yourself why Keavy’s Corner is the #1 choice of consumers and professionals alike for all your MMS products. 
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